What’s TheoMag?

Glad you asked.

TheoMag (Theology Magazine) is a discussion on all things spiritual. In other words, it’s discussion on all things. We strive to write creative, thought-provoking articles that produce discussion and reflection within a multitude of genres. We don’t always agree with each other, in fact, at points we strongly disagree. Yet, we are a karass (a long-distant comradere intertwined for God’s purposes), and we support and refine one another along our journeys.

Theomag is also an open forum for public exchange. We encourage communal participation and constructive debate. We’d like to welcome you to our lunch-table in the cafeteria of life. Feel free to pass some food-for-thought. If you would like to get involved and contribute an article, our fancies would be tickled. Please view the contribute page for details.